We do our best to schedule visits to best fit everyone’s schedule. Benefits include a playground, gym, kitchen facilities, private rooms and multiple entrances/exits. Our qualified staff is very experienced, as we are proud to have bachelors- and masters-level visit supervisors.


Family Time Inc. is contracted with the State of Indiana to provide visitation services to families and children involved with the Division of Child Services in the Southern Indiana area. We initiate services with referral client within 48 hours of receiving the referral and make every effort to begin visitation within that time frame as well. Family Time, Inc provides flexible visitation times to fit the needs of parents and caregivers schedules offering evening and weekend visitation times. Visitation lengths vary from case to case and can occur multiple times per week depending on the expectations of the referring caseworker.



Fully supervised (full sight and sound supervision): the visit supervisor is required to hear and see everything during the visit.

Partially supervised: the visitation supervisor is present the entire time but is not required to hear and see everything during the visit.

Drop-in supervision: the visit supervisor will drop in and out during the visit time.

Double supervision: having two visit supervisors providing supervision to the visit.



Facility based

Community based: in places such as parks, malls, restaurants, or libraries

In home


FAMILY TIME, Inc. serves:

Division of Child Services cases

Juvenile court cases



Family Time, Inc. offers a 10 week parenting class session using the STEP Parenting curriculum. The parenting classes are divided into three age groups in order to better target topics that accompany the differing developmental stages. The parenting classes are designed to be a safe and open place to improve and re-define parenting skills. Each parent will conclude the group with a certificate of completion and a parenting plan.


Class Sections:
0 to 5 years group
6 to12 years group
13 to 18 years group


Each class group will be individually scheduled and designed for the participants in that group. Our hope is that we can meet all of your parenting needs and topics within the 10 weeks of class. Family Time, Inc. also provides individual/one-on-one parenting classes for those participants who qualify.


Family Time, Inc.’s parenting classes are also a contracted service
through the State of Indiana.


All services are available in Spanish. All services are provided without regard to race, age, color, religion, sex, disability, national origin, ancestry, or status as a veteran.